Friday, November 26, 2010


Truth..I have millions of these Im not doing this again..anything you want to know before now.. ...simple.
Im craving smokes I need them tomorrow. Im thinking about ben alot i hope he calls tomorrow. im drowsy..but it 4am and i have a full stomach..i need the purge. I feel disgusting. Em's boyfriend is a shithead..I wish she would end it..but shes happy. So Uh Reasons to why im doing this
. i been blogging for almost 3 yrs now..why stop?
.im secretly looking for someone who is dealing with my issues.
.parts of me think I have a story that needs to be shared..
.maybe this can save someones life?
.this is my Saviour guide..
.People can judge me now..their in my head
.this is my journal and im willing to inform people..
.twloha shows me im important..this story is important.
.im meant to be known and loved.
*this journal is here to inform..inspire and create a life.
inform- people need to know theres alot more to a person then the outside..they arent alone
inspire-it shows how these ways of dealing arent positive..its showing mistakes you wont need to make/ relating.
create- this is here to create something..a confidental life..a meaning..a hope...a safe haven.

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